Elementary School Math Teachers:

Are your kids on fire with math enthusiasm?

Math Matinee works with elementary schools and parent associations that want to generate fun and excitement about math. They understand the importance of getting a child energized about learning as well as the vital role parent involvement plays in a child’s success.

Math Matinee offers Family Math Nights and daytime Math Assemblies to build an atmosphere of math enthusiasm and parental participation at your school. When you invite us to host your math event we carefully attend to all the details so you don’t have to. This is one of the easiest, most well-attended events to organize all year.

Why are our math events such a huge success?

It’s simple: we’ve got great games that please everyone!

Math - just for the fun of it

Math - just for the fun of it

Students love our games because they’re fun.

Parents love our games because, well, because they’re fun! Not simple kid-stuff, but scratch-your-brain games that parents can honestly enjoy, too.

Teachers love our games because they’re educational and meet national math standards.

Adapting a Family Math Night to suit your school’s unique needs is Math Matinee’s specialty. With Math Matinee all the work is done for you and after the event we show you how to channel that new-found excitement into habit-forming play and a life-long love of math.

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Math Matinee has helped thousands of students and parents discover that math is actually enjoyable, fun and even… cool. If you’d like more information about Family Math Nights, a parent or teacher education workshop, a daytime school assembly, or if you simply have questions, give us a call at 650-269-1781 or send an email to: rwespi@mathmatinee.com

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Math Matinee’s Blog, “The Matinee Muse” features math games and puzzles, news about our programs, and articles to help you keep that math fire burning.

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