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The History of Math Matinee

Rita Wespi

Most kids don’t “play math” for fun at home. Rita Wespi first realized this in 1996, when she noticed that her style of playing math with her then 8-year-old son was not typical of most families. As she researched she discovered that the issues surrounding early math education go deep and the effects can be devastating.

One fact kept attracting her attention: there are decades of research studies which conclude that parent involvement contributes to a child’s academic achievement more than any other single factor.

This brought her full-circle back to why she started the company: most children do not typically play math for fun with their parents. Certainly this little niche is one she could influence, and so Math Matinee was formed.

Rita borrows heavily on her 18 years of engineering experience in the computer and biotech industries. Logic and reasoning are her favorite topics to introduce to young students.

She pays particular attention to finding games and activities which a second grader and a parent can simultaneously enjoy at their own levels. The child follows the rules while the parent analyzes the game.

If children see their parents engaged in a puzzle or activity, they will become more interested, too. Rita’s hobby is finding those games; her mission is getting them in front of teachers, parents and students.

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Math - just for the fun of it

When children enjoy math they spend more time doing it.

Most efforts to encourage children in mathematics take a programmatic approach and claim to “boost math scores one complete grade.”

Math Matinee comes in through the backdoor: when a child enjoys math they spend more time doing it.

By doing more, they get better at it, soon their confidence increases and they enjoy it even it more!

Which method do you think has greater lifetime staying power?

Rita Wespi invites you to join her in making math more fun for all students.

She challenges you to think about how we can increase the mathematical proficiency of all our children, preparing them for jobs of the future in any career of their choosing.

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Math for the fun of it.”

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