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A Message from Rita Wespi…

I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring this website. If you’ve poked around a bit, you probably have a good feeling of who we are, who we work with and how we work. Maybe you’ve been to one of my Family Math Nights or School Assemblies and you stopped by to purchase a book or a game from The Math Matinee Marketplace.

If you visited my Blog, “The Matinee Muse”, you know why I think math is such a critical skill, and what we can collectively do to foster children’s love of math.

I encourage you to join me in getting more students excited about math, opening career possibilities in engineering, science and technology fields to all students, regardless of race or gender.

How can we work together to increase the math achievement of students across the country by making math fun and achievable for all?

If you’d like to schedule a Family Math Night or school assembly, or you simply have questions, give me a call or send email.

I enjoy hearing from educators and parents – it’s how I keep current on what the greatest challenges are that you face. Drop me a line or an email and let’s talk. If you have favorite books, people and resources you’d like to share, send them along. I always enjoy learning more.

And if there’s somehow I can be of service to you, your school or organization, that’s what I’m here for.


All the best,
Rita Wespi

Math Matinee
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