How We Work

What is it like to work with Math Matinee?

Every last detail has been considered. Putting on a Family Math Night or a daytime Math Assembly on your own is a lot of work. When you invite us to host your math event we carefully attend to all the details so you don’t have to. And we mean ALL the details… right down to our favorite “math music” which sets a festive mood. Our Math Nights and Math Assemblies have been tried and tested by thousands of kids and families.

What’s the first thing students look for in a Math Night? Great games, of course! And Math Matinee knows their games. With a collection exceeding 100 activity stations in use, we chose our very best top 12. (It wasn’t easy!) Math Matinee’s activities are proven crowd-pleasers.

Students love our games because they’re fun.

Students love our games because they’re fun. Parents love our games because, well, because they’re fun! Not simple kid-stuff, but scratch-your-brain games that parents can honestly enjoy, too. Teachers love our games because they’re educational and meet national math standards.

There’s nothing left to chance, so nothing goes wrong. You receive a simple checklist so none of the details will slip through the cracks. You’ll receive personal attention. No college kids, no assistants. When you contact us, Math Matinee’s Rita Wespi will personally answer your call or email. This is the top of the Math Night food chain. Rita has hosted Family Math Nights at scores of schools since the late 90’s.

Adapting a Family Math Night to suit your school’s unique needs is Math Matinee’s specialty. Even if you think you’d like it straight out of the box, we will look at how the program can most benefit your school. We will ask about your demographics; typical parent participation level; usefulness of Spanish-translations; attendance by teachers; room accommodations; and so on. And then we’ll listen. And customize. Just for you.

You’ll be the star!

Parents and children praise you for a wonderful evening

Rita Wespi’s private measure of success is to make the math event organizer the hero.

In Rita’s words:

“When the organizer glows amidst parent’s and children’s praise for a wonderful evening, I know I’ve done my part well.”

And she hasn’t had an event yet where the organizer didn’t shine. With Math Matinee all the work is done for you. This is one of the easiest, most well-attended events to organize all year.

Shhh. No one needs to know how effortless it really is!

Capture the enthusiasm!

Having a Family Math Night or daytime Math Assembly is just the start. There’s always a buzz of energy and excitement about math by the end of the event. So, how do you sustain that enthusiasm with families and children? Math Matinee will show you how to channel that new-found excitement into habit-forming play and a life-long love of math.

What’s our secret?

We have a unique combination that no one else offers because our chief architect of math zest is a parent, educator and former engineer:

  • Unlike most teachers, we have the luxury of focusing exclusively on math, math research and best practices.
  • Unlike most parents, our founder is a math enthusiast whose hobby is tracking down unusual games which appeal to BOTH children and parents.
  • Unlike other vendors, you’ll get more than a couple college kids who are doing this as a side job.

What’s next?

You’ve learned how we work, now learn about the events. What’s better, a single grade or whole-school event? A daytime Math Matinee school assembly or an evening Family Math Night?

To find out which is best for your situation, check out our:

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