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Learn Math games from around the world

Although the math activities we’ve developed are not available for purchase just yet, we have an exciting new Math Matinee Marketplace where you can purchase math games, books, activities and manipulatives through Amazon’s aStore.

Your favorite Family Math Night games are waiting for you.

For an insight into what influences Math Matinee‘s collection of math activities, here’s a look at Rita Wespi’s bookshelves.

You’ll find books by Martin Gardner, John Conway, Elwyn Berlekamp and friends. These are leading mathematicians who spend their time designing, playing and analyzing math games with each other. If these guys at the very top play math for fun, shouldn’t children, too?

One corner is for Sam Loyd, a prolific turn-of-the-previous-century puzzlist who created over 1,000 logic, spatial and math puzzles.

There’s an entire shelf dedicated to math games from around the world, particularly from ancient civilizations. Jack Botermans, R.C. Bell and Pieter van Delft are among the well-known authors in the field.

Another shelf is full of books about math standards, grade-specific texts, pedagogy, and NCTM publications. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics are the folks who set the standards for math education across the U.S.

Yet another shelf contains creative mathematical amusements. These are the types of books any parent or creative teacher should own.

This is not your typical elementary school math reference library. This is a collection of old & new, classics and new twists, logic and reasoning, a touch of analytical engineering influence, but with one eye constantly fixed on the NCTM standards children are expected to master. It’s fun with a purpose.

What does Rita do with all these books? Why, come up with interesting ways to adapt them to young children, of course! Just like those top mathematicians who “play math” for a living, she’s got the best job in the world dreaming up new ways to present math to children and parents which are bound to grab their attention.

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