Who We Help

Does this sound like your school?

We work with elementary schools across the United States that are interested in making math fun for their students. These schools are large and small; inner-city, urban and suburban; high-achieving and struggling to meet NCLB.

The schools we work with understand the importance of getting a child excited about learning. They also understand the critical role parent involvement contributes to a student’s success.

Make Math fun for students

Here are some typical problems they face:

“There’s so much math to cover in one year that we have to stay focused on the lesson plan. With No Child Left Behind, teaching to the test takes up more and more of my class time. It’s frustrating. I would love to have my students view math as fun, but when is there time?”


“Some of my students are so far ahead that it’s difficult to keep them challenged while I spend time with the students who need extra help. They used to be excited about their achievements, but some of them are starting to see math as boring. How do I keep them motivated and sufficiently challenged while I’m busy helping others?”


“It’s hard to get our students excited about learning when their parents are not involved. Some of the parents never step foot in school all year. How do we help them feel comfortable at school?”


“We have incredible community spirit at our school. The parents love a great social event. We’d like to offer events beyond potlucks and talent shows, something which relates more directly to education.”


“We already do our own Family Math Nights – but they’re SO much work! Aside from our back-to-school night, the Family Math Nights attract more families than any other event. We’d love to do more of these, but getting parents to volunteer is a major endeavor and our teachers are already overextended.”

Attitudes towards math often start at home. When children come home from school and say “I’m not good at math,” there are some parents who nod their heads with misguided compassion and agree that they weren’t either. Changing those attitudes is more far-reaching than educating their children. Yet it has tremendous influence on a child’s academic success.

Math Matinee helps schools bridge that gap without overextending the staff.

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